Horn wood, sand, and substrate

ADA 90P CONCAVE AQUASCAPE09/26/2018 08:08:43 PM Work 09/26/2018 08:15:08 PM


Horn wood is placed on top of the two mounds. Substrate: ADA La plata sand and ADA amazonia

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  • Southbayaqua
    09/26/2018 08:42:05 PM

    Nice to see the full resolution picture of your hardscape. It was always hard to see where and how the horn wood was placed. You've really created a nice scale with your 90p.

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    • jwaquatics
      09/26/2018 11:09:21 PM

      Thank you, means a lot. The wood pieces have shifted a bit after taking them out to tie moss and bumping them during maintenance. But yeah, I’m really happy with the hardscape. I haven’t spent this much time creating a hardscape layout with any of my past scapes; I’m glad I took my time with this one.

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    • Southbayaqua
      09/26/2018 11:25:45 PM

      It's clear you put the time and effort into this one. Also, I really like the horizontal ohko stone stack. Unique use from what I've seen.