Almost done melting

ADA 60F02/21/2018 05:10:31 PM Work 10/27/2018 04:59:35 PM


The 60f has been melting for quite a while. I accidentally reset the cycle with blue green slime removal. I’ve been siphoning the melt for nearly a month.

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  • bataleon
    03/05/2019 12:28:09 AM

    Stunning setup mate. I recently bought a 60F and have begun looking at lights. Have you had any algae problems while running the Aquasky? It's quite powerful for a shallow tank, which is why I ask. Thank you.

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    • Southbayaqua
      04/24/2019 07:18:03 AM

      No, I have not had any algae problems with aquasky whatsoever. This tank doesn't use fertilizers and is limited to one betta fish. No other livestock exists. Recently, I've rescaped it in tank. Btw, sorry for this delay in response.

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