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This five gallon tank by Ultum Nature Systems features a mix of colorful plants arranged in a manner to create a more "natural style" or as you would see plants growing together in nature. I used ADA power sand and Amazonia as the substrate with a small amount of river sand for contrast. I used hair grass for the carpet, a mid-ground of Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini' and cryptocoryne wendtii. A small piece of driftwood was added with some various buce attached. The background is a mix of 7-8 different types of rotala including H'ra, rotundifolia, macrandra, enie, and colorata.


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    New pIpes

    Aftermath of a major trim. I also removed some unwanted rotala and crypts to let the tank refill with more rotala h’ra. New Lilly pipes also added p ......

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    tank Added

    • Aqua Design Amano - 120h

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    Nice healthy carpet

    Plants growing nicely with a healthy population of shrimp. ......

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    • Southbayaqua
      09/26/2018 11:32:15 PM

      This took off quickly. Already growing into the sand. Nice work!

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      • square.grouper
        09/27/2018 08:35:48 AM

        Thanks! I wish I had taken a plastic separator so the grass wouldn’t grow into the sand. But I think the outcome is still nice!

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    • boyandhisfish
      10/12/2018 01:50:57 PM

      I really like what can be done with the 5N. yours is a perfect example

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    First trim

    Plants got a little high and I wanted to start a nice thick “forest” so I trimmed pretty heavily to encourage more growth. ......

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    • Southbayaqua
      09/26/2018 11:34:19 PM

      Loving those cherry shrimp. Perfect fit for the color scheme you're using.

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    A few weeks later

    All plants are beginning to fill in nicely, including the carpet. I purchased a twinstar nano to help with algae control. ......

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    Week one

    Plants added and tank filled. Let the cycle begin! ......

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    Before plantS

    Substrate and hardscape added. I used some ADA powersand under the aqua soil as well. ......

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